Hall of Fame

2018 – Gary Wipperfurth

Lifetime Targets


Wisconsin State Titles

2005 – 12 Gauge

2010 – .410 Bore

2014 – 12 Gauge

2015 – .410 Bore

2016 – 20 Gauge

2018 – 28 Gauge

Gary Wipperfurth started shooting in 2000 after a long and competitive career in softball. A friend asked if he wanted to shoot one day and he agreed. They went to the Sauk Prairie Trap and Skeet Club to shoot some skeet. Little did he know how addicting this sport was going to be. They proceeded to start shooting and no one was hitting many targets. His friend asked how much lead he was giving the target. His friend then told Gary to double the lead and when he finally hit the target he was hooked. One other thing that his friend told Gary was most skeet targets are missed by two feet. Gary looked at him a little confused and he pointed to his feet and said, “You need to get set up right and the rest will come.”

Gary’s first Wisconsin State Shoot was in 2002 at Sauk Prairie and was able to capture his first Wisconsin State Championship Title in 2005 in Green Bay by shooting a perfect score in the 12 gauge event. He shot his first one hundred straight on August 7, 2005 at Waukesha Gun Club at the Myers Breath of Life Shoot.

Gary was elected to the Sauk Prairie Trap & Skeet board in 2006 and 2 years later was elected President of the Board. In 201.0 Gary was elected as the Treasure of the Board still holds that position. Most of his time is spent behind the scenes doing paperwork and helping with the Registered Skeet shoots, but he still enjoys shooting.

Gary has shot 100’s in every gauge except the 410. He is still chasing that elusive 100 in the 410 and is still working towards crushing the little gun 100.

Skeet shooting has given Gary many friends and he cherishes each and every one of them.

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