2023 All-State Team

First Team 

  • Mike Peterson (Captain)
  • Paul Friesen
  • Dave Maas
  • James Decker
  • Atticus Clark

Concurrent Team

  • Cormac Haggerty (Junior)
  • Lee Fischer (Triple Sub Senior)
  • David Savolainen (Sub Senior)
  • Gary Wipperfurth (Senior)
  • David Hill (Veteran)
  • Sarah Fischer (Lady)
  • Don Kelly (Military Veteran)

All State Team Criteria

The Wisconsin All State Team has been selected by the following criteria for the past several years:

  • Ranking of high four-gun average with a minimum of 1500 registered targets;
  • Participation in the Wisconsin State Championship;
  • Ranking in wins or places in the most important shoots in Wisconsin registered skeet competition; Wisconsin State Championship, Dragon Lady, Bald Eagle, others;
  • Wins or places in National competition; the Zone 5 Shoot, US Open, Mini World, World Skeet Championship, others;
  • Ranking in national All American Open and All American Age Concurrent points races.

The Wisconsin All State team and Concurrent Team selection results are presented to and approved by the WSSA Board at its Spring meeting. These several criteria may be changed by the WSSA Board as they might choose, but the list above has worked pretty well.  Averages,  final places in competition, and All American point totals are all selected from National Skeet Shooting Association data.