Hall of Fame

2008 – Blake Hanson

Wisconsin State Titles

12 Gauge (1 times) – 2004

20 Gauge (3 times) – 1999, 2008, 2009

28 Gauge (1 times) – 2004

.410 Bore (1 times) – 2009

HOA (4 times) – 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009

HAA (5 times) – 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009

Zone Titles

12 Gauge – 2008

28 Gauge – 1995

.410 Bore – 2008

Doubles – 2004, 2008

HOA – 2008

HAA – 2008

Blake began shooting targets in the summer of 1989 when a friend from work invited him to the Brown County Sportsmen’s Club. A serious bird hunter, Blake wanted to improve his hunting marksmanship and he shot both trap and skeet for a while. He liked the fact that he could burn up a lot of ammo but not have to clean any birds at the end of the day. By 1992 skeet was his favorite game, and he was good enough to start shooting competitively. Over the years he kept his dad’s advice in mind: “Don’t be afraid to win.” In shooting more than 55,000 registered targets, Blake has stored away a lot of great memories: nice people he met along the way and the many wins he posted.

Blake’s success as a competitor began to blossom in 1995 when he started traveling to some of the larger shoots. He teamed with Orrin Piepenburg and Dave Hovarter (both Hall of Fame members), and he gives them credit for finding the right moments to coach him and those times to leave him alone even though he might be struggling. Over the past fifteen years, Blake has amassed more than fifty 100 straights. His best year for average was in 2005 when his HOA was 97.92. Blake made first team All-State four times and the second team four times. His impressive list of wins includes eight state titles with five of them either HOA or HAA. His seven Zone 5 titles include five during the most recent 2008 shoot. He enters the Hall of Fame at the top of his game.

Blake lives in Green Bay with his wife Kris and their daughter Abby. His business as an industrial painting contractor keeps him busy. Despite his many obligations, he finds time to hunt birds with his two English setters, Jenna and Casey.