Hall of Fame

2004 – James Rasmussen

Wisconsin State Titles

28 Gauge (1 times) – 1994

.410 bore (1 times) – 1992

Doubles (1 times) – 1989

HAA (1 times) – 1989

Jim began honing his skills in the mid 40’s.  His mentor Vic Reinders was his chief instructor.  He began his career as a trap shooter at the tender age of 15.  He promptly went down to Vandalia Ohio to the Grand American trap shoot and tied for the Grand American Handicap Championship.  He then left shooting to further his academic pursuits.  He finished college and went on to medical school. With a family and career well underway he then decided to get back into shooting.  In 1983 he joined the NSSA.  With his mentor Vic he proceeded to begin his skeet career.  Along the way his other mentor Ed Scherer joined the team.  It didn’t take Doc long to start his winning ways.  By 1990 he had already won numerous titles along with his first state title in doubles.  In the early 90’s Doc hooked up with Mike Schmidt from Minnesota and toured with Mike for the next 10 years.  While with Mike he won several more state titles.  Doc’s biggest influences in skeet have been fellow hall of fame members Vic Reinders and Ed Scherer.  In 1989 Doc shot 2000 registered 410 targets while maintaining a 97 average.  During his illustrious career Doc has amassed over 125,000 registered targets.