Hall of Fame

2002 – Mark Reichow

World Titles

.410 Bore – 1990 Runner Up

Doubles – 1992 Champion

Wisconsin State Titles

12 Gauge (1 times) – 2008

20 Gauge (1 times) – 2007

28 Gauge (2 times) – 1990, 1992

.410 Bore (2 times) – 1989, 2006

Doubles (2 times) – 1994, 2010

HOA (1 times) – 1993

HAA (3 times) – 1993, 1994, 2007

Zone Titles

12 Gauge – 1994 

Major Accomplishments

400 x 400 – September 25th, 1994 World Shoot Warm-up, Waukesha Gun Club

500 x 500 – September 25th, 1994 World Shoot Warm-up, Waukesha Gun Club

Mark Reichow’s first skeet career in the 1970’s is shrouded in mystery. Neither the NSSA nor Mark will say much about it. After nearly a decade of inactivity, Mark acquired a new NSSA number in 1989, and in his first state shoot that year won the.410 championship. During the next five years, Mark was one of the hottest shooters in the state. His four-gun Average never dipped below .9800 and he collected four more state gun championships, an HOA, two HAAs and a Zone 5 title during this period.

Yet the Most Impressive aspect of Mark’s career was his success at World Shoots.  At Savannah in 1990, he was Runner-Up in the .410 event. His Shoot-off in the stadium field against twelve other perfect shooters in the little gun was truly exciting. Again in Savannah in 1992, Mark impressed his Badger State followers even more when he outlasted twenty-six competitors in the doubles event shoot-off.  A very expensive bottle of champagne was consumed in celebrating his championship.  Mark and fellow Hall of Fame member Ed Scherer are the only Wisconsinites to have won a World Shoot title. Mark’s all too brief career came to a dramatic but satisfying end for him in 1994 with a 5×5 at Waukesha, his last shoot in the state as a Wisconsin resident.

UPDATE (3/30/15): At the end of 1994 Mark and his wife took early retirements from Wisconsin Bell/Ameritech, bought a sailboat a took off to the Caribbean.  His last shoot in Wisconsin before leaving was the World Shoot Warm-up at Waukesha Gun Club where he ran his 5×5. Mark shot very little over the next dozen years. In 2007 Mark’s wife Kathy’s cancer returned, and after getting his with three major hurricanes in 2004 and 2005, they decided it was time sell the boat and get closer to home. Sadly Kathy passed away in 2008. Mark now can be found occasionally at a skeet shoot in Wisconsin shooting with his son Aaron.

From Mark:    At my first World Shoot in 1990 I won RU .410 in a 13-way shootoff of 100’s, and with JD won the .410 2-man World title with a 199×200 outright. That set the hook. 1992 was the year I won the doubles in a 27-way shootoff and also won the 28ga 2-man title with Orin in a short 5-way shootoff of 200’s against some great shooters. (Orin and I were STUNNED deer in the headlights.) Also won the 1994 28ga. 5-man World title with JD, Orin, Dave West, and Stew Rempert shooting 497×500.

I shot with the best squad I guy could have – JD, Celebre, and Orin. As I’ve often said, I don’t think we could have put together a better squad, or an atmosphere more conducive to breaking good scores, if we’d tried. The goal was always to carry everyone to the shootoff and settle it there. And they made it fun, even on a bad day.